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Hearing loops

Induction loops: top 10 questions

It’s easy to make your business accessible to the three to four million people in the UK who use hearing aids. An induction loop (also called a hearing loop) will instantly transform your customer experience. Here’s a roundup of our most frequently asked questions:   What are induction loops? They help hearing aid users to hear more clearly – by amplifying speech while reducing background noise – through the hearing loop setting (also called the T programme). A microphone transmits...
COVID-19 related

Help employees with hearing loss stay connected during Covid-19

During the coronavirus pandemic, remote working can pose its own challenges for many people with hearing loss. The increased use of conference calls and online communication platforms can be stressful and exhausting for those struggling to follow the conversation.  We’ve put together some remote working tips for employers to help employees with hearing loss: 1. Remote working: the pros and cons. 2. Ten ways to be a good video conference participant. 3. Ten ways to be a good video conference host. 4. A...

Free resources: Workplace communication and phone call tips

Share these good workplace communication tips so they are inclusive for deaf people and those with hearing loss. Click image below to download PDF: Share these deaf friendly phone call tips. Click image below to download PDF: Get more free resources at   Get more accessible RNID Louder than Words business accessibility solutions: Communication support Workplace assessments Deaf awareness training British Sign Language (BSL) Training Hearing loop installations Call us on 0808 808 0123 or submit an initial enquiry form.
Case studies

Case Study – Workplace Assessment for Clare Bowdler

If you, or any of your colleagues, have hearing loss, you may not realise how easy it is to get support – and that funding is available. Marketing Manager Clare Bowdler has developed hearing loss over the last 20 years. A colleague noticed that Clare was finding it difficult to hear in meetings and suggested a workplace assessment. We caught up with Clare to find out how it has transformed her working life. What challenges did you face at work...
Advice & information

Is hearing loss on your agenda?

Often referred to as the ‘hidden disability’, hearing loss is far more widespread than most of us are aware. There are 12 million people in the UK with hearing loss and by 2035, we estimate it will rise to around 15.6 million people. Within the workplace, five million people in the UK have some level of hearing loss – that’s around 12 in every 100 employees. Businesses lose £2 billion in revenue per month by ignoring the needs of...

Tips for managing tinnitus at work

What is tinnitus? Tinnitus is a medical condition which is usually described as ringing, buzzing, hissing or other sounds in the ears or head that others can’t hear. Prolonged exposure to loud noise, or even an isolated blast of loud noise, can cause tinnitus. That’s why jobs where sound levels regularly exceed 80-85dB can put employees at greater risk, including factory and construction workers, pilots, dentists, rock musicians, bar staff and motorcycle couriers. Some people aren’t bothered by the condition...
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