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Hearing loops

Hearing loop systems in health and social care settings

RNID (formerly Action on Hearing Loss) is experienced at providing loop systems in health and social care settings across the UK. A hearing support system will ensure that hearing aid users who come into contact with your services understand the information you give them and can take part in discussions about their health and social care. Deciding on the right hearing support system Installing or upgrading loop systems in health and social care settings needs careful planning. Here are some things...
Workplace assessments

Remote workplace assessments now available

Working from home looks set to be part of many people’s lives for some time to come. For employees who are deaf or have hearing loss, remote working can be stressful and exhausting without the right support in place. That’s why we’ve introduced remote workplace assessments. What is a remote workplace assessment? A specialist assessor will contact your employee by phone or video call to discuss their job role and working environment in order to identify any challenges they’re facing. The...
Communication support

What are the costs and hourly rates of speech-to-text reporters?

We’re often asked for the costs and hourly rates of speech-to-text reporters. The minimum booking varies from two to three hours depending on your requirements and location. In order to provide you with a quote, we’ll first check that a speech-to-text reporter is the most suitable communication professional for your requirements. We’ll then need full details of the assignment. Who is a speech-to-text reporter suitable for? A speech-to-text reporter (also known as a STTR) converts speech into text in real time...
Communication support

How much does a BSL interpreter cost?

If you need to book communication support for someone who uses British Sign Language (BSL), we can advise the cost of a BSL interpreter. Whether you’re enquiring about a one-off booking or regular assignment, we’ll work closely with you to establish your exact requirements. What we need to know As every assignment is different, the cost of a sign language interpreter UK registered will vary. In order to give you an accurate quotation, we’ll ask the following questions when you contact...
Hearing loops

How to install hearing loops

First impressions count, which is why so many organisations contact us to find out how to install hearing loops. They want to provide a better service to hearing aid users and comply with equality legislation. Consult the experts When considering how to install hearing loops, it’s essential to consult the experts. As the UK’s leading charity for people with hearing loss, we offer practical, impartial advice. You can be confident that our engineers will install high-quality loop equipment and provide a...
Assistive hearing products

RNID partners with Connevans on assistive hearing products

RNID (formerly Action on Hearing Loss) is to partner with leading supplier of assistive hearing technology Connevans Limited to supply products to our supporters and audiences. Products are now available via a new dedicated online shop at The comprehensive range includes alarms, alerts, phones, TV and assistive listening devices. There is also a section called ‘My Hearing Aid’ where you can search for your specific make and model of hearing aid and find the accessories that are compatible with...
Communication support

Are you looking for BSL interpreter services?

If you’re looking for BSL interpreter services then we can help. RNID (formerly Action on Hearing Loss) is the UK’s largest provider of communication support for people who are deaf or have hearing loss. Our BSL (British Sign Language) interpreters can help your customers, patients or staff to fully access your services. Frequently asked questions when looking for BSL interpreter services How much will it cost? The cost of each assignment varies depending on the individual needs of the person requiring support,...
British Sign Language (BSL) training

British Sign Language company courses for your business

Would you like to communicate more easily with customers and staff who are Deaf? Our British Sign Language company courses are designed to help you break down barriers and improve accessibility. Choose from the introductory Start to Sign course or the more in-depth BSL at Work training programme. Whatever industry you are in, our courses are sure to meet your needs. Empower your business practices Giving staff the opportunity to learn BSL can really enhance customer service levels. It will also...
Hearing loops

Induction loop installation to the highest industry standards

The coronavirus crisis may have slowed down our induction loop installation, but as restrictions start to ease we’re here to help businesses improve access for hearing aid users. After weeks of living in lockdown it’s more important than ever that people with hearing loss can access products and services and feel part of the community again. As the UK’s leading charity for people with hearing loss, we’re committed to providing more hearing support systems (also known as hearing loops...
Communication support

How to improve communication support for employees with hearing loss

Are your employees with hearing loss missing out on the communication support they need to be more efficient? Here's our helpful guide to offering more communication support for staff with hearing loss. Supporting employees with hearing loss who are working from home If you have staff with hearing loss working remotely, some simple adjustments can help them stay better connected. Start by asking their preferred method of communication. In today’s high-tech world, there are many online tools available. Video conferencing is increasingly...
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