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Carol overjoyed after remote workplace assessment

We were recently contacted by The Riverside Group, a leading provider of social housing in the UK, to arrange a workplace assessment for one of their employees. Carol Baker has hearing loss and was finding it increasingly difficult to talk on the phone and join in conversations. We arranged for Chris, one of our assessors, to carry out a remote workplace assessment via video call.

The Riverside Group

During the remote assessment, Chris talked to Carol about her job role, day-to-day activities, working environment and the challenges she was facing. Having established her needs, he was able to immediately recommend assistive equipment that would help Carol join in again. Here’s how she described the experience:

Fully understood

“Chris was so nice, some things I found a bit hard to share but knew that I needed to. It felt wonderful that Chris fully understood and was able to reassure me that some of them were very common and he hears them on almost a daily basis. One of the things was having to take my hearing aid OUT to be able to hear anything on some phones, or even use my mobile phone upside down.

‘Wonderful’ Roger Pen

When he explained in detail what his recommendations were, he gave me a web address so I was able to see the product as well. He talked me though what a ‘shoe’ was that would need to be added onto my hearing aids and how this in turn linked into all the wonderful aspects of the Roger Pen.

remote workplace assessment


I felt overjoyed at the trouble he had gone to and the time he took to explain all the functions of the Roger Pen. I am finding it hard to believe the difference this will make not only to my work role but in my home life as well. Thank you so much.”

After the remote workplace assessment, Chris sent a detailed follow-report with more recommendations to help Carol work more easily at home and in the office.

Find out more

For more information or to book a workplace assessment, call 0808 808 0123 or fill out an enquiry form.




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