Communication hints and tips during the COVID-19 pandemic

Social distancing and face masks are creating barriers for deaf people and those with hearing loss who rely on facial expressions and lipreading to communicate. To make life easier, we’ve put together some communication hints and tips.

RNID Communication hints and tips

1) Communication tips for the general public

How to communicate more effectively, especially when someone cannot use visual cues, such as on the phone or when wearing a face mask.
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2) Communication tips for someone with hearing loss

Simple ways to improve communication when visual cues are not possible and how to communicate more easily when lipreading is an option. Useful information about face mask exemptions and social distancing guidance.
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3) Communication tips: useful tools

Discover the latest tools for better communication between hearing people and those who deaf or have hearing loss: speech-to-text apps, video relay services, exemption cards and more.
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