Assistive hearing products

Hearing assistive devices for the workplace – what’s available and what’s best?

Many organisations have already made their workplaces safer and more accessible to people with hearing loss by installing deaf-friendly fire alarms and hearing loop systems. However, there are other assistive devices available to improve working conditions. If you’re an employee with hearing loss, here’s a round-up of some of the most popular work-related products:

Conversation listeners

A conversation listener improves clarity of speech, whether you use hearing aids or not. It amplifies sound and reduces background noise, making it ideal for meetings, conferences, training courses etc. Marketing professional Clare Bowdler recommends the Roger Pen conversation listener: “It’s made such a difference to my wellbeing at work. I can participate in meetings and in office chats. I’m amazed at what I can now hear and I don’t feel exhausted at the end of the day.”

Roger Pen conversation listener

Amplified phones

Struggling to hear work calls can be stressful and isolating if you have hearing loss. There are a wide range of deaf-friendly smartphones, mobiles, corded and cordless phones available. Here are our top tips for hearing better on the phone:

  • Choose a phone that best suits your level of hearing loss
  • Make sure your phone is hearing aid-compatible – switch to the hearing loop setting if you use hearing aids
  • Avoid missing calls by using the amplified ringer, vibrations and/or flashing lights
  • Use the volume adjustment and tone control on the handset to hear every word.

Amplified phones

Phone amplifiers

If your work phone isn’t loud enough but you like everything else about it, a phone amplifier is a good solution. Plug it into your existing corded phone and adjust the volume and tone of calls to suit your hearing loss.

Amplified headsets

An amplified headset allows you to make phone calls while keeping your hands free to type and write. Some are hearing aid-compatible so you can use you hearing aids on the hearing loop setting to block out background noise.

Find out more

We’ve teamed up with Connevans, one of the leading suppliers of assistive technology, to offer a range of devices and equipment to use at work. Visit to find the best products for your hearing needs.


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