Hearing loops

Is there a hearing loop installer near me?

When an organisation contacts us about a hearing support system, they often start by asking “Is there a hearing loop installer near me?”.

RNID (formerly Action on Hearing Loss) has a nationwide network of engineers, so wherever you’re based we can help. As the UK’s leading charity for people with hearing loss, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to improve your customer experience and open up your business.

How to get it right first time

When considering a hearing support system, it’s essential to discuss your requirements with an appropriately qualified expert. If you’re at the stage of wondering “Is there a hearing loop installer near me?” it’s time to get in touch. By involving us at the start of the decision-making process, we can design a system tailored to your needs. Here’s a quick guide to the types of assistive technology available:

Counter loops

Every customer-facing point should have a counter loop – reception desks, ticket offices, supermarket tills, banks, post offices and any other area requiring close-range coverage. It will enable someone with hearing aids to hear clearly from the minute they’re in contact with your staff.

Is there a hearing loop installer near me?

Room loops

Room loops are suitable for small meeting rooms and training venues. As the name suggests, a cable is laid within a room which means that any number of hearing aid users can use the system. They may not be ideal for larger rooms because the quality of the signal can be patchy. However, this can usually be overcome with careful planning and design.

Infrared and FM systems

Infrared and FM systems work in a similar way. They both rely on a transmitter and a receiver that hearing aid users and non-hearing aid users can use. Both systems are popular in larger areas where it can be difficult to install loops, such as theatres, cinemas and auditoriums.

Find out more

If you’re wondering “Is there a hearing loop installer near me?” call us on 0808 808 0123 to discuss the options available to your business or submit an initial enquiry form.


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