Speech transfer systems

COVID-19 safety measures, including face coverings and protective screens, have created communication barriers for people who are deaf or have hearing loss.

Hearing loops and associated equipment are now more important than ever which is why we’ve introduced speech transfer systems to our range of products.

To discuss your hearing support requirements, call us on 0808 808 0123 or submit an initial enquiry form.

What is a speech transfer system?

A speech transfer system improves two-way communication by providing a microphone and speaker for the hearing aid user and staff member. The microphone on the staff member’s side is connected to a hearing loop for easier conversations through safety screens and barriers.

speech transfer systems

Clearer sound for everyone

Face covering and protective barriers can block sound and muffle speech for hearing people as well as those who are deaf. Plus, not everyone with hearing loss uses hearing aids with a hearing loop setting. A speech transfer system will provide clearer sound for all customers and staff.

speech transfer systems

Expert advice and support

By involving us at the start of your decision-making process, we can advise what will work best for your business. If your organisation is planning (or already has) a hearing loop at an information point, service desk or till area, please consider installing a speech transfer system. If you’re considering a speech transfer system, don’t forget the importance of a hearing loop. We can supply, install and maintain high-quality hearing support equipment to meet your specific needs.

speech transfer systems

Contact us

Call us on 0808 808 0123  or submit an initial enquiry form to discuss your hearing support requirements.

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