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How much does a BSL interpreter cost?

If you need to book communication support for someone who uses British Sign Language (BSL), we can advise the cost of a BSL interpreter.

Whether you’re enquiring about a one-off booking or regular assignment, we’ll work closely with you to establish your exact requirements.

What we need to know

As every assignment is different, the cost of a sign language interpreter UK registered will vary. In order to give you an accurate quotation, we’ll ask the following questions when you contact us:

1. What are the hearing needs of the person requiring support?

We’ll check that a BSL sign language interpreter is the most appropriate communication professional for their hearing needs. We also provide speech-to-text reporters, lipspeakers, electronic notetakers, and deafblind interpreters.

2. Why is a BSL interpreter required?

We cover hospital appointments, court appearances, job interviews, religious ceremonies, counselling sessions and many other situations. We’ll provide a communication professional with the right specialist skills for your assignment.

How much does a BSL interpreter cost?

3. When do you need sign language support?

Please give as much notice as possible when making a booking. If your request is urgent, we do have an out-of-hours service for emergency situations.

4. How long is the assignment likely to last?

We usually provide one interpreter for assignments of up to two hours. If communication support is required for over two hours, we may recommend two sign language interpreters.

5. What other information can you tell us?

The more details you can supply about the assignment in advance, the better equipped the interpreter will be on the day.

6. Do you have any questions?

Some organisations ask “How much does a BSL interpreter cost for an hour?”. There is a minimum hourly booking rate rather than a cost per hour of BSL interpreter services. We can discuss a cost for your assignment when you make an enquiry.

Find out more BSL interpreter costs

Call us on 0808 808 0123 or fill in an enquiry form so we can provide cost for your assignment.

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