Hearing loops

Why induction loop maintenance is vital for your business

As the UK’s leading charity for people with hearing loss, we have over 25 years’ experience of induction loop maintenance. Thousands of organisations trust our high-quality installation and aftercare services. We’re here to ensure your business stays fully accessible to hearing aid users.

How to keep your loop system fit for purpose

Installing a hearing support system is a great step towards make your business more welcoming to customers and staff with hearing loss. However, it’s essential that your loop system remains in good working order. This will ensure your organisation stays compliant with equality legislation and continues to offer excellent customer service to hearing aid users. Here’s how to keep your hearing support system in tip top condition:

1. Test your system regularly

It’s important to test your induction loops on a monthly basis. As part of the installation process, our engineer will train your staff on how to use a loop listener to check the loop system is working properly.

induction loop maintenance

2. Arrange induction loop maintenance

The British Standard for audio-frequency induction loop systems (AFILS) recommends annual maintenance to ensure optimal performance of your system. We can arrange an annual maintenance service contract. Afterwards, you would receive a certificate of conformity – as required within the Standard – valid for 12 months.

3. Book a service call

If you have any problems with your hearing support system, contact us straight away to book a service call. We’ll send an engineer to identify any faults.

4. Review your loop system

We suggest your loop system is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it’s still fit for purpose. Factors to consider include changed room layouts, new customer-facing areas or obstructions that could affect its performance. We can advise if your hearing support system needs adapting or expanding.

Find out more

Please call us on 0808 808 0123 or submit an initial enquiry form to discuss the induction loop maintenance and service call options available to your organisation.

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