Hearing loops

8 reasons to install an induction loop system

For some organisations the main motivation for installing an induction loop system is to comply with equality legislation. Other companies want to attract more customers. Here are eight reasons why your business would benefit from an induction loop system:

1. Tap into a largely underserved market

Not every organisation considers the needs of people with hearing aids. By installing an induction loop you’ll open up your business to over three million hearing aid users in the UK.

2. Improve access to your products or services

Our research shows that 40% of hearing aid users would go out of their way to visit somewhere with an induction loop installed.

3. Meet your legal obligations on equality

Hearing aid users are protected by the Equalities Act 2010, which means your business is legally required to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for people who are deaf or have hearing loss.

Induction loop systems

4. Enhance customer service

Poor acoustics and background noise can prevent hearing aid users from properly communicating with your staff. An induction loop will help them hear more clearly which will break down barriers and enhance customer service.

5. Reduce complaints

Improved communication will enable hearing aid users to access your business more easily. Your staff will feel more confident about dealing with their enquiries which is likely to reduce complaints.

6. Minimise misunderstandings

Clear communication with hearing aid users will minimise the misunderstanding of information, instructions and messages.

7. Strengthen your competitiveness

You’ll find it easier to attract and retain customers and clients with hearing aids if you make them feel welcome and valued.

8. Boost staff morale and wellbeing

Employees who use hearing aids will be able to communicate more easily with colleagues, which is likely to encourage better team working.

Find out more about induction loop systems

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