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Induction loops: top 10 questions

It’s easy to make your business accessible to the three to four million people in the UK who use hearing aids. An induction loop (also called a hearing loop) will instantly transform your customer experience. Here’s a roundup of our most frequently asked questions:


  1. What are induction loops?

They help hearing aid users to hear more clearly – by amplifying speech while reducing background noise – through the hearing loop setting (also called the T programme). A microphone transmits sound directly to their hearing aids.


  1. What are the different types of loop available?

Loop systems can vary in size from small systems, that are usually found at reception desks and information points, to larger loop systems covering places like theatres and conference areas. Alternative technology, such as infrared and FM systems, is popular for auditoriums, lecture halls, places of worship and entertainment venues. Portable systems are also available.


  1. Why would someone with a hearing aid benefit from a hearing support system?

Hearing aids are less effective when trying to listen to something at a distance. For example, listening to a speaker across a screen in a bank or ticket office, or in a noisy environment like a lecture hall.


  1. How will we know that it’s working properly?

We recommend that you regularly check your system with a loop listener. Plus, you should arrange a maintenance visit every 12 months.


  1. Is it a legal requirement?

Under the Equalities Act 2010, businesses and other organisations are legally required to promote equal opportunities. Hearing support, which includes induction loops, must be considered to provide equal access for people with hearing loss.


  1. How many loops will I need?

Induction loops should be considered for all areas where speech is likely to be lost in background noise. This includes meeting rooms, large conference areas, reception desks and information points. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in greater detail.


  1. Is it easy to operate?

Yes – thousands of organisations across the UK use hearing support systems every day. We’ll ensure that full instructions are given to all frontline staff who use it.


  1. How will people know that hearing loops are available?

We’ll supply you with signage to show that your business is accessible to hearing aid users.

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  1. How much will it cost?

The supply and installation of induction loop equipment is tailored to your specific needs, so charges vary. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


  1. Are there any ongoing charges?

An annual maintenance visit is usually enough to ensure that everything stays in good working order.


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