Hearing loops

Hearing loop systems in health and social care settings

RNID (formerly Action on Hearing Loss) is experienced at providing loop systems in health and social care settings across the UK.

A hearing support system will ensure that hearing aid users who come into contact with your services understand the information you give them and can take part in discussions about their health and social care.

Deciding on the right hearing support system

Installing or upgrading loop systems in health and social care settings needs careful planning. Here are some things to consider:

  • Did a specific experience prompt you to look for a solution? For example, was a patient or service user struggling to book an appointment or getting frustrated talking to your receptionist?
  • Which areas of your organisation require hearing support – reception desks, waiting areas, consultation rooms, patients’ bedsides, meeting rooms?
  • How large is each space?
  • Do you already offer some support to hearing aid users?
  • How much background noise is usually present and does it sometimes differ when medical or other equipment are switched on?
  • Is there anything in the room that may affect the system’s performance, such as metalwork or machinery?
  • Is the layout of each area always the same or does it change depending on use?
  • How far is the hearing aid user or member of staff going to be from the sound source – the person/speaker or microphone?

Hearing loop systems in health and social care

Meeting your legal obligations

By installing a hearing loop system, you’ll be helping to meet your legal obligations under the Accessible Information Standard. The Standard applies to all NHS and publicly-funded adult social care organisations. It outlines how to identify, record, share and meet the information and communication support needs of people with disabilities and sensory loss. Our expert team can provide you with high-quality hearing loop equipment to help make your services inclusive and legally compliant for hearing aid users.

Find out more

Please call us on 0808 808 0123 or fill in an initial enquiry form for more information about installing loop systems in health and social care settings.



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