Hearing loops

The benefits of a portable hearing loop

A portable hearing loop can be a lifeline for people who are deaf or have hearing loss. Many public places have hearing loop systems permanently installed but there are situations where hearing support is needed but not available. That’s where a portable hearing loop comes in.

What is a portable hearing loop?

It amplifies sound for people who use hearing aids so they can hear conversations more easily. A built-in microphone picks up the sound of the person speaking and transmits it directly to hearing aids which are switched to the hearing loop setting. A portable loop is easy to move from location to location, as and when required.

Portable hearing loop

Types of portable loop

There are two types of portable loops available – desktop loops and room loops:

1) Portable desktop loops

Can be used for one-to-one conversations in a wide range of public places – such as banks, post offices, ticket offices and reception desks – if a fixed loop is deemed unsuitable. Both people need to be within approximately one metre of the portable unit. With no wiring or set up, other than unpacking the unit and switching it on, the portable desktop loop can be stored until needed and ready to use in seconds.

2) Portable room loops

Provides a temporary hearing support system in larger venues and meeting rooms. The unit typically comes in a flight case which has a loop amplifier built in and is supplied with a loop cable and at least one microphone as standard. It can be time consuming to set up and care must be taken when fitting cabling to avoid a trip hazard.

Portable loops v fixed loops

Portable hearing loops can be useful as the lower cost and flexibility make them suitable for smaller organisations or people on the move. However, fixed loops generally offer a more reliable solution as they are professionally planned, installed and maintained. We can work with you to develop the most suitable hearing support system for your organisation.

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