Communication tips when using face coverings

Our Employers’ Guide already provides information on the best ways to communicate with people who have hearing loss. However, the widespread use of face masks and face coverings heightens the importance of these communication tips and means that additional adjustments might be needed.

Communication tips when using face coverings

Where face coverings are being used we advise you to:

  • face the person you’re talking to and speak clearly – avoid shouting, or speaking too fast or unnecessarily slow.
  • repeat what you said, or phrase it differently using plain language, if someone doesn’t understand you
  • reduce background noise and if you’re in a noisy place move to a quieter area, if possible.
  • use simple gestures, such as pointing or waving, to get someone’s attention.
  • write things down – use pen and paper, text on device screens, or whiteboards.

Here’s a printable poster which you can use to display these communication tips.


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