Workplace assessments

If any of your employees are deaf or have hearing loss, a workplace assessment will help them perform at their best. Whether they’re in the office or working from home, it will improve productivity, reduce absence and increase morale. We can deliver assessments face to face or remotely.

What’s involved in a workplace assessment?

A face-to-face workplace assessment is carried out at the employee’s main place of work and usually lasts one to three hours. Our assessor will speak to your employee about their job role, day-to-day activities, working environment and any barriers they’re facing. Together, they’ll test or discuss some key assistive products to gauge what equipment could be most useful.

Call us on 0808 808 0123 to book an assessment or submit an initial enquiry form.

Workplace assessments


How is a remote workplace assessment different?

A remote workplace assessment is carried out either by phone or video call and will last up to two hours, with a break if necessary. Much of the conversation will be the same as a face-to-face assessment. If the employee is working from home, we’ll discuss the specific challenges they’re facing in that environment. We won’t be able to test assistive products as we would face to face, but due to our extensive knowledge we can still make the reasonable recommendations.


What happens afterwards?

The follow-up report will be with you within 2 weeks after the assessment. It will outline cost-effective adjustments, such as improving the working environment, offering flexible working or providing assistive technology. Everyone is different so the recommendations will vary.

Workplace assessments


Funding is available

The assessment report can be used to apply for the government’s Access to Work funding. This will help you cover the cost of purchasing equipment and support, ensuring increased productivity and improved job satisfaction.

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More about workplace assessments

What areas do you cover?

We have assessors across the UK and can provide face-to-face workplace assessments at most locations. Remote assessments can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

How quickly will the assessment take place?

We can carry out the workplace assessment within 10 working days.

What kind of solutions will be recommended?

Each assessment is unique and solutions typically include:

  • Assistive technology and training
  • Communication support, such as remote live captioning or BSL interpreters
  • Visual clues such as our digital communication card and lanyards
  • Deaf awareness training or tinnitus awareness training
  • Communication tips
  • A referral back to audiology for hearing aid adjustments.
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Why choose RNID?

We’re the UK’s largest charity helping people with deafness, tinnitus and hearing. All of our assessors are trained and experienced in working with people who are deaf. Many are either deaf, or have tinnitus or hearing loss themselves which gives them a unique understanding of the issues your staff are facing.

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