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British Sign Language (BSL) training

Sign language courses: top 10 questions

Do you want to improve inclusivity and offer first-class customer service to everyone? Our British Sign Language (BSL) courses will open up your business to the Deaf community. Here’s a roundup of our frequently asked questions: 1. What is British Sign Language (BSL)? BSL is a language used by Deaf people in the UK to communicate using hand movements, facial expressions and body language. It’s a totally different language to English. 2. What are the benefits of learning BSL? Businesses with staff trained...
British Sign Language (BSL) training

Five reasons to offer sign language courses to your staff

For over 20 years we’ve been delivering high-quality sign language courses across the UK. If your business has employees, customers or clients who use British Sign Language (BSL), we can help you communicate with them more easily. Here are five reasons to offer our BSL training courses to your staff: 1. Improve access to your products and services for BSL users Sign language training will make your staff more confident when communicating with Deaf people and demonstrate your commitment to excellent customer...
British Sign Language (BSL) training

How to learn sign language and attract more customers

An increasing number of businesses are looking into how to learn sign language. Making your products or services more accessible to people who are Deaf or have hearing loss will really help you stand out from the competition. British Sign Language (BSL) is often used instead of spoken language by the Deaf community. It’s also sometimes relied on by people with hearing loss who may use a mixture of spoken English and BSL. There are 12 million people in the...
British Sign Language (BSL) training

British Sign Language company courses for your business

Would you like to communicate more easily with customers and staff who are Deaf? Our British Sign Language company courses are designed to help you break down barriers and improve accessibility. Choose from the introductory Start to Sign course or the more in-depth BSL at Work training programme. Whatever industry you are in, our courses are sure to meet your needs. Empower your business practices Giving staff the opportunity to learn BSL can really enhance customer service levels. It will also...
British Sign Language (BSL) training

BSL courses will improve your competitiveness

Our BSL courses are designed to give your staff the skills and confidence to have a basic conversation with customers, clients and colleagues whose first, or preferred, language is BSL. British Sign Language, also known as BSL, is a visual way of communicating used by Deaf people. It involves a combination of gestures, facial expressions, body language and movement. With one in six people in the UK experiencing deafness or hearing loss, some knowledge of sign language will greatly enhance...
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