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COVID-19 related

How to support staff with hearing loss during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created additional barriers for people who are deaf or have hearing loss. Many rely on facial expressions and lipreading to communicate, which is impossible with the widespread use of face masks. Protective screens designed to stop the spread of coronavirus often block sound and muffle speech. While extended working from home can be stressful and exhausting without the right support in place. We’ve put together some simple ways for employers to help staff with hearing loss...
COVID-19 related

Hearing loss help to make your business accessible and COVID-19 secure

It’s vital to consider the needs of disabled people when putting social distancing measures in place so that everybody can access your business. As the largest UK charity supporting people with hearing loss, we’re uniquely placed to provide expert hearing loss help and advice. Identify the barriers The government has produced detailed guidance to make workplaces COVID19 secure. However, it’s important to recognise that some recommendations will create additional barriers for staff and customers with hearing loss. These include: people working...
COVID-19 related

Hearing loss solutions for social distancing at work

With many businesses restructuring their workplaces to meet the government’s Covid-19 secure guidelines, it’s important that the needs of staff and customers with hearing loss are considered in the plans. Louder than Words offers a range of hearing loss solutions to help make your organisation more accessible as lockdown restrictions are lifted. Social distancing without social isolation The government’s recommendation that people should maintain a two-metre distance from each other will have an impact on those who lipread. As we adjust...
COVID-19 related

Help employees with hearing loss stay connected during Covid-19

During the coronavirus pandemic, remote working can pose its own challenges for many people with hearing loss. The increased use of conference calls and online communication platforms can be stressful and exhausting for those struggling to follow the conversation.  We’ve put together some remote working tips for employers to help employees with hearing loss: 1. Remote working: the pros and cons. 2. Ten ways to be a good video conference participant. 3. Ten ways to be a good video conference host. 4. A...
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